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Customer success stories

JP Vehicle Rentals, part of the Jarvie Plant Group, supplies a wide range of vehicles (cars, vans, pickups, minibuses and welfare vans) for hire to a growing number of satisfied customers throughout Scotland and North West England.  Our business customers, representing a broad range of sectors, are diverse in scope and scale. Here are just a few recent customer success stories.

Moving chemicals safely at short notice

Our multi-national petrochemical customer was looking for a vehicle suitable for transporting chemicals safely around their site. They needed it at short notice. We were able to provide a van with a roof vent quickly, enabling our customer to get their job done securely and on time.

Delivering catering supplies on time

Our catering supplies customer needed to be able to deliver a large volume of goods the next day. We were able to supply a large Luton van at short notice. This meant that our customer managed to meet their delivery deadline.

Keeping projects on track

Our large-scale manufacturing customer is a frequent hirer of a wide range of vehicles from us, including cars, vans, pickups and minibuses. Often this is to replace their own vehicles that are being repaired or serviced. Sometimes it’s to give them extra flexibility to extend their fleet, depending on their own business demand levels. They keep coming back to us because we have the availability of vehicles to provide exactly what they need, from a small car right up to a large van, whenever they need it. Hiring from us helps them reduce their downtime, progress their projects and successfully complete jobs.

Transporting metal products

Our leading international industrial services customer was looking for a large van to transport metals. They needed same-day hire. We were able to provide them with exactly the vehicle they needed, enabling them to transport their materials a long distance efficiently and cost-effectively.

Keeping the workforce moving

Our local customer’s own vehicle had broken down, and they needed a replacement to keep their workforce on the move. With our large selection of cars, vans, pickups, minibuses and welfare vans, we’re always able to hire to them at short notice, so their team remains mobile and loses as little time as possible.

Reaching remote wind farms

Our renewable energy customer needed an appropriate vehicle to travel to wind farm sites in a remote, very hilly location in order to carry out repairs. We provided a 4×4 vehicle with great ground clearance and the ability to travel on rough terrain without getting stuck. By hiring from us our customer was able to transport their concrete materials and reach the remote site with ease.

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